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Unlike most online stores selling dental products, this site is based in Australia and is owned and operated by a registered Australian dentist.

Dr John Grapsas (BDSc) has been a registered dentist in the state of Western Australia since 1983. He is a member of the Western Australian branch of the Australian Dental Association and has a full working knowledge of the profession, Dr Grapsas is able to explain dental issues and products in plain language for all to understand.

For this reason you will not find here any outrageous claims or scams to get you to part with your hard earned money. So many websites today are big on sales and deficient on information, mainly because the sites are operated by sales people who do not understand the products nor their clinical application.

On this website , you will find clinical information and discounted well-known brand products that will help you to keep your teeth clean and healthy and breath fresh , giving you the confidence to enjoy life and be close to other people.

However, please understand that only regular visits to your own dentist will ensure that your mouth, teeth and gums remain healthy.

While dentists NEVER associate "healthy" and "clean" with how "white" teeth are, it is understandable why people would like to have whiter teeth. And while you can go too far in this quest, or have unreasonable expectations of what is achievable, generally the methods explored on this website are safe and easy to use.

The main reason for this site is to provide easy to understand information and access to products that are professionally manufactured and known to do what they claim to do.

Only by finding out more about the various techniques and products available to you will you be able to make decisions about what dental products are best suited for you.

Dr Grapsas is more than happy to receive questions from you regarding any of the information or products presented by Advance Dental Health Supplies. Please note that any advice provided can only be general in nature and is not intended to replace information specific to you that only your own clinician can provide.