CloSYS Mouthwash and toothpaste are scientifically formulated to kill the mouth bacteria and their volatile sulphur compounds that cause bad breath. The active ingredient is a stabilized Chlorine Dioxide and is the treatment recommended by dentists to treat bad breath. The mouthwash is alcohol free (so it doesn't dry out your mouth, further worsening the problem) and is odourless and flavourless. For those who prefer a mint flavour, it also comes with a small vial of natural mint oil that can be added for flavour. The CloSYS toothpaste contains fluoride in addition to the active ingredient Chlorine Dioxide. CloSYS products do not simply disguise bad breath for a while, like others. CloSYS treats bad breath at its source. 

CloSYS products fix bad breath fast, and leave you with fresh breath confidence that lasts for hours.