Did you know that the environment that leads to tooth decay in young children is becoming established well before any first teeth even appear in the mouth? It is important that the acid producing bacteria that causes tooth decay not be allowed to colonise the infant's mouth in the first place. Important rules to remember: Do not infect the infant's mouth with your own bacteria, for instance by cleaning a dummy or spoon with your own mouth and saliva. Tooth decay bacteria have been shown to be transferable from mouth to mouth! Do not allow the infant to stay on the milk bottle or breast for longer than is needed to feed. Do not allow food or milk debris to build up in the infant's mouth. Keep the infant's mouth and gums clear of food debris even before they get teeth. You should clean the infant's gum pads (even before they get teeth) with: A moist towelette, or A purpose designed Infant Gum Massager which is much easier to cold sterilize along with other baby goods, than the moist towel method. The Infant Gum Massager is made of inert long lasting silicone which is worn snugly on the carer's washed finger for safe and easy access to the infant's mouth. The infant gum massager has both smooth and bristled components to clean, massage and stimulate the infant's gums for normal development. No tooth paste is required in the early stages before any teeth show. The bristles of the infant gum massager are also helpful while teeth are erupting ("growing") in those very early stages. Once the front baby teeth fully come into the mouth, then it is time to introduce the infant to their very first toothbrush and low-Fluoride toothpaste. Notice: Do not leave infant unattended and in possession of this device. Keep out of reach of young children. Swallow/Inhalation hazard.