GC Tooth Mousse  is one of the most extraordinary dental products to come along in years. It contains amorphous calcium and phosphates in a milk protein base which all help in the remineralisation and strengthening of the tooth surface as well as in the reduction of hot/cold tooth sensitivity. The active ingredient is called Recaldent. It tastes great and feels so nice and smooth on the teeth, like "moisturiser" for your teeth! It is like a "makeover" for your teeth! 

GC Tooth Mousse is perfect when applied by mouth trays as an after teeth whitening finishing process and an excellent way to repair the damage caused by very early tooth decay. The latest research in dental materials is in this process of remineralisation and reversal of early tooth decay, and GC Tooth Mousse Plus is showing the way forward. 

In addition GC Tooth Mousse   may even whiten your teeth with use! GC Tooth Mousse  contains 900ppm Fluoride and is not suitable for young children (under 6 years of age). Simply apply a thin film of GC Tooth Mousse to all your teeth before going to bed at night and reap all the benefits of this amazing product. So easy! 

GC Tooth Mousse is not for use by people with casein (milk protein) allergy. Find out more about Recaldent, the active ingredient of GC Tooth Mousse. Even more information here. GC Tooth Mousse is also available without Fluoride, called Tooth Mousse  which is more suitable for young children.