One of TePe’s best-sellers, the TePe Interdental brush, has the following characteristics:

- Ergonomic handle offers comfortable grip and good cleaning control.

- Plastic coated wire to make sure the stem does not scratch tooth surfaces or implant posts.

- Brush and handle in one piece.

- 6 color-coded sizes make identification easy.

- Handle and packet are made of environmentally-friendly polypropylene plastic.

Choose a brush size that will fit your interdental spaces. Very often a consumer must have more than one size. If you are not sure, let your dentist or dental hygienist choose the right size(s) for you. Don’t use toothpaste unless advised to do so by a dental professional. Too much toothpaste makes filament less effective. Use the interdental brush once a day. Change the brush when it is getting worn.

Sometimes your dentist will prescribe the application of a small amount of GC Tooth Mousse Plus to your interdental brush (or another Fluoride product) to a particular spot of early tooth decay. These products are also available from Advance Dental Health Supplies' eStore.

Effective cleaning with your interdental brush:

1. Slide the brush at right angles very gently between your teeth. If it does not glide easily, work it in gently or choose a smaller size.

2. Move the brush full length back and forth until the interdental area is clean. If the brush is angled, first at one side and then at the other, it will clean larger surfaces.

3. Cleaning between your back teeth will be easier if you curve the wire so that it can be moved in at right angles. Once curved, do not straighten or curve at another angle to avoid damage to the brush.

You can purchase the Tepe extra soft interdental brushes from our eStore in a variety pack of 8 brushes of the 6 sizes, 8 brushes of a size per pack, or individually. With prices starting from just $2.20 per individual brush, and even less in the packet, why wouldn't you try this amazing product? !

Please choose from the options list below, the size of individual Tepe extra soft interdental brushes you wish to purchase. To order different sizes you will need to place a separate order for each size.

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