The Zellies Complete Mouth Care System Information Booklet is sold individually for those people wishing to use Dr Ellie's Complete Mouth Care System, without purchasing the packaged kit. By purchasing the individual products that make up the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System, you can save money as well as reduce the package weight, further saving on  postage. Make this great system even more affordable! This information booklet explains the Zellies Complete Mouth Care System and how to use it and the daily consumption of Xylitol (granules, mints or gum) for the best teeth and gums you can have. The Zellies System consists of: CloSYS mouthwash Crest Anticavity Fluoride toothpaste (original formula only) Listerine Antiseptic mouth rinse (Original formula only) ACT anticavity Fluoride mouth rinse (original formula only) All-Natural sweet Xylitol (available as lollies, mints, gum or sugar-like granules)