Lollies that are good for your teeth!  $19.99 for a container of 250 pieces of Zellies Xylitol candy (Cool Mint flavour). As recommended by Dr Ellie DDS as part of her Zellies Complete Mouth Care System. Zellies Xylitol Mints are naturally sugar free and are widely recommended by dentists as part of a daily routine to help prevent bad breath, plaque buildup and cavities. Xylitol provides tremendous health benefits as validated by scientific studies. 6-10 grams of ingested xylitol per day is enough to deliver daily health benefits. Each mint provides 0.5 gram of Birch Xylitol*, so 3-5 taken after meals and before bed time will provide the required amount of daily Xylitol to provide proven dental and general health benefits. Zellies Mints leave your mouth feeling cool and refreshed. These all natural xylitol mints inhibit bacterial and fungal growth in the mouth that encourage bad breath, plaque and cavities. Zellies Mints contain: xylitol*, calcium lactate, gum arabic, natural flavours & glazing agent (beeswax). They come flavoured as cool mint or cool fruit.   * non-GMO